Februarys forecast

Spring is here March is here, and spring is in the air, on the Kissimmee chain of lakes. The bass are spawning just like they should . As the water temps warm, the bass are spawning out in deeper water up to 5 feet . look for good sandy spawning areas. Put the trolling motor down, and start hunting for beds. the key is to go right back to where you were catching bass in early February and just move out until you see the beds. Polarized glasses are a must. Open water hydrilla patches are holding good numbers of bass that have already spawned . Bait of choice is live wild shiners for big bass. Artificial baits of choice will be rattle traps chrome and black back, plastic baits in watermelon red color has been hot!Panfish bite. Crappie are still inside finishing up there spawn in shallow , making there way out to open water. fish the pads and reeds that are clean with no hydrilla. minnow on a gold hook works best. in 3 feet of water. Start looking for shell cracker beds in 2 feet of water. Sandy areas are best . The blue gill will also start spawning on the full moons when the water temps are warming.