November fishing forecast

November is here. The Northern states are predicting another cold winter.  Hurricane season is over the ducks are showing up. The bass are getting ready to go into pre  spawning mode . The water levels are up for the winter. The male bass are schooling up feeding on bait making there way into shallow water to compete for spawning area. The big females  will  not be far behind, feeding on anything they can find . When the water temps drop in the low 70s. as the cold fronts approach. The fish will keep going it shallower as the water cools . The first spawn will take place in less than 12 inches of water. Usually in December

Ok the bait of choice will be  Zoom  Vibe worms, flukes.  If fishing open water hydrilla throw Rattle traps , yo zuri 3d minnow or  rapala x raps are good choices . My personal favorite Is live wild shiners fished under a float. Shallow sandy areas, and hydrilla are your best bets.

Crappie will still be in deeper water until the first of the year fish open water, edges of hydrilla patches . East lake Toho  is a good bet for big crappie.   jigs tipped with a minnow are the  norm